2017 Winners

Cultural Buildings

Winner: OMA with Allies and Morrison and John Pawson, The Design Museum

Health and Wellbeing Project

Winner: tp bennett, Fortius Diagnostics Clinic

Higher and Further Education

Winner: Hawkins\Brown, The Bartlett School of Architecture

International Retrofit Project

Winner: Grimshaw, Duke University West Campus Union, USA


Winner: BDP, Oldham Town Hall

Listed Building (Over £5 Million)

Winner: Duggan Morris Architects, The Loom

Listed Building (Under £5 Million)

Winner: Acanthus Clews Architects, Warwick Hall Community Centre

Offices 2000-10000m²

Winner: Nicholas Hare Architects, The David Attenborough Building

Offices Over 10000m²

Winner: Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, New Scotland Yard

Offices Under 2000m²

Winner: Hale Brown Architects, 10 Lower James Street


Winner: Loop Systems, Unicorn Grocery

Retrofit House (Over £500,000)

Winner: McLaren.Excell, Kew House

Retrofit House (Under £250,000)

Winner: Tonkin Liu, Sun Rain Rooms

Retrofit House (Under £500,000)

Winner: Field Architecture, Brook House Studio

Retrofit Housing (Over £5 Million)

Winner: Sheppard Robson, 103-109 Wardour Street

Retrofit Housing (Under £5 Million)

Winner: HUT, Print Works House

Retrofit of the Year

Winner: Acanthus Clews Architects, Warwick Hall Community Centre

School Project

Winner: BDP, Smythe Library, Tonbridge School