New for 2024 | Circular Build: The Future of Sustainable Innovation

Circular Build, formerly known as WasteBuild Zero, is more than just an event—it's a dynamic community of innovators committed to reshaping the future of sustainable construction. As we enter 2024, we have rebranded to reflect our core belief: there should be no WASTE in a circular economy.

For its London debut in 2024, Circular Build will join forces with the esteemed AJ Retrofit Live conference in London on 11 September 2024. This collaboration will create a powerful platform that brings together industry leaders and visionaries under one roof.

Retrofit Live and Circular Build are aligned in their mission to empower architects with sustainable materials, best practices, and strategies essential for reducing carbon footprints on the journey to achieving net zero emissions. Building on the momentum of our past events in Amsterdam in 2019 and 2023, the 2024 iteration of Circular Build will showcase international circular economy manufacturers and solutions alongside the UK's most forward-thinking architects and specifiers. It promises to elevate the discourse and action around circular economy principles. Join us at Circular Build 2024 and be part of the movement towards a sustainable, circular future in construction.

Secure your place by 15 June 2024 to save up to £110 on your ticket

Why attend?

  • Be in it to win it: Secure low-carbon work for your firm by networking with developers and clients looking to transition towards a circular build environment 
  • Reduce your embodied carbon: Explore the best low-carbon, circular, and regenerative solutions in our exhibition area
  • Stay visible: Be seen to be at the head of the built environment's shift to circular practices 

The construction sector consumes

of all raw materials

Buildings produce

of all carbon emissions

Construction creates

of all waste

Building materials account for

of total carbon emissions over the life of a building

About the conference

The content at Circular Build is the only place to hear from the leading architects, engineers, designers and developers from across Europe who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible with circular schemes today. Governments and industry bodies have declared a climate emergency and Circular Build is where you will find out how the built environment can be part of the solution.

Circular Build will showcase inspirational speakers, innovative solutions, and opportunities for you to win work in the circular built environment space. As a conference attendee, you will learn how to win more work by making your next project more circular than your last and get ahead of the net zero carbon transition

Accelerate the transition to a circular built environment…

Circular Build exists with the dedicated ambition to accelerate the transition towards a circular built environment.

Today, the construction process accounts for 50% of all materials used globally and for 36% of the waste created.

Increasing public awareness and an appetite to remove waste in all forms is encouraging the adoption of robust circular economy roadmaps across all governments, with innovations in the built environment critical to every plan.

This movement away from the old linear ‘take, make, waste’ approach towards a circular economy is now increasingly supported by regulations and government targets across Europe and the world.