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Imagination makes the world go around. At TECHNAL, it’s a driving force and way of doing things – allowing us to move forward, innovate and inspire. Where others see just a window, we see cutting-edge technology that benefits users and the environment. We see the future.

The TECHNAL brand from Hydro was created over 60 years ago and is a pioneering specialist in sustainable architectural aluminium building systems. Our building systems are also extruded using two sustainable and environmentally friendly alloys – Hydro CIRCAL® 75R and Hydro REDUXA®. The European average is 8.6kg CO2 whereas they achieve reductions of 70% and 50% respectively. These remarkable alloys ensure that sustainability assessment requirements such as LEED and BREAAM are considered right at the planning stages of projects.

We have established an unrivalled reputation for innovative and inspiring design solutions, building up a profile of impressive award-winning projects.

With a history in the UK spanning more than 30 years, our aluminium building solutions have been used to create purpose-designed facades for diverse sectors of businesses and residential buildings.

We have a clear understanding of the requirements of architects, contractors, developers, fabricators and occupiers which allows us to create an innovative, technically advanced and flexible product portfolio.

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