AJ Retrofit Awards 2023 Judging Criteria

Your entry should demonstrate how the project delivers a solution which has given the client a better alternative to demolition and new-build and how the scheme is a model for environmental design and for future similar projects. Please also show how the project’s design has contributed to energy saving and lower whole-life carbon emissions using data to evidence this where appropriate along with other evidence of best practice which could include examples of innovation, delivering the scheme on time and on budget, collaborative working, client and/or user satisfaction

  1. First class design and successful project delivery with details of benefits delivered for clients, stakeholders and the community (as applicable)
  2. Client/user satisfaction
  3. Development of a strong relationship and collaboration with clients, project partners, stakeholders and the community (as applicable)
  4. Demonstrably better solution than demolition/rebuild (as applicable)
  5. Energy/whole-life carbon performance data 6. Innovation (as applicable)